We take privacy and security seriously, which is why we offer a publicly posted Privacy Policy, and Security Policy, along with the tools below to give individuals the rights to access, update, or delete their personally identifiable information with AskNicely.

As an AskNicely Customer

If you're an AskNicely customer and have received a request to remove personal data for an individual, head on over to the People page, select the person icon shown in the example below, and then choose "Delete all data". 

This will remove the name, email address, and any custom data you've imported about of the individual. It also will anonymize the NPS score and delete the comment they left (if any). It will also stop them from being re-added and surveyed in future (i.e. they'll be added to the Email Blocklist, found in your Settings).

As an individual who has received an AskNicely survey

Individuals who have received a survey are able to access all the personal data AskNicely has for them, download this as a CSV, update their personal information, and delete their personal information.

  1. To do this, click on the Privacy link in the survey received:

2. Enter your email address into the data access area for verification:

3. Click on the link in the verification email:

4. Access, download, update, or delete your personal data:

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