The Filter Bar is a treasure trove of information and allows you to not only pick and choose the specific customer feedback data you're looking for, but also to save specific views and get weekly email updates on the information that is most important to you. 

The way filtering works has been made more flexible so that you can filter by multiple different data points at the same time, for example: 

  • See detractors, who have left a comment, but have not received a message
  • See promoters, who have left a comment, and are in a particular region
  • See all customers, who have a note on their feedback, but have not been messaged yet by your team

Adding multiple data points from a single data field: 

Within your custom data points you might want to band a few fields together to see how they are doing. An example would be seeing how our Platinum and Gold members are doing for Jarvis Air. You're able to add multiple data points from a single field: 

I added in those two fields and hit Apply! This will reflect on the Dashboard page and the Responses page.

Saving a Filter

Once you have filtered the information you need, you can save this view using the bookmark icon in the menu bar.

Getting Digest Emails for Saved Filters

When saving a particular filter you have the option of also receiving a daily/weekly/monthly digest by email.

Filtering by Date 

The relative date options are: Today, 1 week, 2 weeks, then 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 month(s). These are based off the current day, for example: 1 month will show the past 30 days.

There is also a monthly filter that will show data from a specified month (January through December).

Selecting "Custom" will let you pick any start and end date.

General Filters Available

These are common filters applied across all AskNicely accounts and include the following:

  • NPS Type: this includes promoters (score of 9-10), passives (score of 7-8), detractors (score of 0-6)
  • Comments: whether a customer has left a comment along with their NPS score, or if this has been left blank
  • Notes: if there are notes on customer feedback
  • Messages: if the customer has received a message from your team or not (includes workflows), and whether they have replied.
  • Published: if you've requested a customer comment to be published as a testimonial and they've accepted.
  • Conversation Status: if there is an open, or closed conversation with a customer
  • Hashtag: Any internal hashtags you've used to track data

Custom Data Filters 

  • This will vary based on the custom data you've created and imported into AskNicely

NOTE: If your Dashboard looks "odd" check the filters and change them as needed

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