When you start receiving scores from your customers, you want to be as responsive as possible. The best way is to set up some alerts so that you are notified and can start closing the feedback loop by replying to comments.

Email Custom Alerts

You can set these up from the Workflow page. You'd want to select Custom Alerts under the Actions tab: 

You can set up as many of these as you'd like, and have it notify different email addresses based on different scores or segments. You would just change up the rules as needed. Here's an example for a if someone scores a 0-3: 

You're able to add any custom fields you'd like, but here are the defaults: 

If you're using some of our integrations, you can also set these up to work in with you other workflows. You have new responses pop up in your Slack channel, create new tickets in your helpdesk, flow through to your Salesforce account and create new conversations in Intercom for you to reply to straight away.

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