AskNicely makes it easy for your team to close the feedback loop with your customers, either in an automated or manual way. 

In cases where it makes most sense to have eyes on a response before it’s sent to a customer, you can use templates to speed up the response process. 

From the “Responses” tab, click “Reply” on any of your listed responses. From there, you’re able to click the "..." and select “New Template”.

You can use variable tokens for any of the custom data you'd like to include, like: first name, last name, account manager, products purchased, order date, NPS score etc. 

Once the template is created and you've selected it for a response, you have the ability to make appropriate personalizations before sending to the customer. 

Using templates for responses enables you to personally close the feedback loop with all your customers without feeling the burden of manually typing hundreds of emails. 

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