Integrating AskNicely and Marketing Cloud makes sending NPS surveys as part of a customer journey simple.

Connecting AskNicely to Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

The first step when integrating AskNicely and Marketing Cloud is to connect your accounts together. Don't worry: when you connect your accounts, we won't send any action immediately - you'll have a chance to make sure everything is ready to go before sending your surveys.

Make sure you're logged in to both your AskNicely and Marketing Cloud accounts, then do the following:

In Marketing Cloud, under your name in the top right, select Administration.

On the Account tab drop-down, select Installed Packages

Choose 'New', and then give it a name, e.g., ‘AskNicely NPS’.

Head on over to Components, and choose 'Add Component'

Choose 'Journey Builder Activity from the checklist.

Give the new Journey Builder Activity a name, e.g., ‘Send AskNicely NPS Survey’, set the category to ‘Messages’, and use the following format for the endpoint URL: https://<yoursubdomain>

When you create or edit a journey using Journey Builder, you should now see the AskNicely Send Survey activity under 'Messages':

Drag it into your journey, and then click on it.

You will need to add your AskNicely API key here. To find this, in your AskNicely navigate to Settings > Account > Users and select 'Show API Key' as shown below.

Once you’ve added the API key and activated the journey, you’re done!

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