AskNicely released version 2 of its Salesforce integration in November 2017.  This new version was built as a managed package, which allows future updates to be automatically pushed to clients.  However, clients who started using the Salesforce integration prior to November 2017 received version 1.6, and action is required of clients who wish to upgrade.

Upgrade options

There are two upgrade paths available:

  1. Uninstall the current software and install the new package.  This means you can receive automatic updates going forward.  HOWEVER, this will delete ALL of the NPS data that have been already sent from AskNicely to Salesforce.  We do not currently provide support for migrating data.
  2. Manual upgrade: Keep the current software and add the new components.  This means you will not receive automatic updates, but all data will be preserved.  All of the new functionality can be added this way, except for the AskNicely Dashboard in Salesforce Classic and account NPS.  The step-by-step procedure for this is below.

Option 1: Detailed instructions to install new package

See Salesforce Integration.

Option 2: Detailed instructions for manual upgrade

Performing a manual upgrade consists of installing another Salesforce package and configuring custom fields.  To perform these steps you’ll need a Salesforce login with sufficient privileges.  You will also need to log in to AskNicely.


  • For upgraded accounts, the dashboard is only available in Lightning Experience.

To install the dashboard package:

  1. Go to https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t7F000001yhvd
  2. If prompted, log in to Salesforce.
  3. Choose how you would like to install the package (e.g. Install for All User)
  4. Click <Install>
  5. Click <Done>
  6. Go to Lightning App Builder
  7. Find “AsknicelyDashboardPage” in the list on the right and click “View”.
  8. On the next page, click <Activation…> in the top right.
  9. For App Name, set “AskNicely Dashboard”.
  10. Click the “Lightning Experience” tab.
  11. On the left, pick which app to which you would like to add the tab (e.g. “Sales”).
  12. On the right, click <Add page to app>.
  13. Click <Save>.
  14. Click “Back” in the top right.
  15. Use the App Launcher to go to Sales Cloud (or whichever app you’re interested in).
  16. You will see the tab here.

To configure the custom fields:

  1. Log in to Salesforce, if you have not already done so.
  2. Click in the top-right to enter the Setup area.
  3. Open the Object Manager.
  4. Select the Contact object.
  5. Select Fields & Relationships
  6. Use the <New> button to add the following fields:
  7. Type: TextField Label: NPS Survey TagLength: 255Field Name: NPS_SurveyTag
  8. Type: Date/TimeField Label: NPS Last RespondedField Name: NPS_Last_Responded
  9. Go back to the main Object Manager page.
  10. Select the Asknicely object.
  11. Select Fields & Relationships
  12. Use the <Next> button to add the following fields:
  13. Type: CheckboxField Label: Do not contactField Name: dontcontact
  14. Type: NumberField Label: NPS calcLength: 1Decimal Places: 0Field Name: npscalc
  15. Type: NumberField Label: questioncontactidField Name: questioncontactidTick “Unique”Tick “External ID”
  16. Type: TextField Label: SegmentLength: 255Field Name: segment
  17. Type: Date/TimeField Label: Survey SentField Name: surveysent
  18. Type: TextField Label: TagLength: 255Field Name: Tag
  19. Trigger AskNicely to download the information about your custom fields by doing the following:
  20. Log in to AskNicely.
  21. Click the gear in the top right and select “Integrations”.
  22. In the left column, find and click “Salesforce”.
  23. Select the “Updates” tab.

Note: If a field is configured incorrectly, no data will be sent to that field.  Please confirm data is arriving as expected within Salesforce after making these changes.

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