After you enabled the Salesforce integration and configured report sync to automatically survey groups of contacts or case-closed surveys, you may also want to configure which fields AskNicely sends back to Salesforce.


When contacts are imported from Salesforce, AskNicely stores a point-in-time copy of whatever field values were sent from Salesforce.  The standard fields include first and last name, and using the tools linked above, custom fields can be added for your business.

While Salesforce is the system of record for these fields, because contact fields may change over time, it can be useful to record what the field values were on the AskNicely Response record at the time of the survey.  This information can subsequently be viewed or reported on within Salesforce.


  1. Add the desired fields to the AskNicely Responses object using Salesforce's custom object manager.
  2. In AskNicely, go to the Updates tab of the Salesforce integration page.
  3. In the Custom Field Updates section, for each field you added above, select the Salesforce field name, then select the AskNicely custom data name, and click <Add>.

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