Our Cliniko integration allows you to automatically collect feedback from your patients on a daily basis and understand how your practitioners and or locations are performing using our powerful dashboard & leaderboards.

Go to the AskNicely Settings Cog > Integrations > Cliniko > Click the add button.

  1. Add the name of your clinic -  this will be name we use for your AskNicely segment.
  2. Add your Cliniko API key (see bottom of this article how to generate API key)
  3. Click save and you are done. The system will first sync the following day at 9am your local time. Nothing will happen today.


Every day at 9am our integration will run and will find:

  1. All patients that attended yesterday.
  2. We will only import patients that were marked as attended. 
  3. They must have a valid email address.
  4. We will then send a NPS survey to these patients if they eligible based on your contract rules on our "Send" page. If you contract rules are set to 0 days, then we will survey a patients for all appointments attended. If it was 45 days, then we will survey them once within any 45 day window. 

We import the following

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Arrived
  • State & city
  • Cliniko appointmentid
  • End time
  • Practitioner name
  • Practitioner email (can be used for workflow email alerts)
  • Service (that was booked)
  • Appointment name & appointment category 

Once your patients start responding to NPS surveys, our dashboard will provide  a high level overview of your NPS, NPS scores broken down by locations (if you have more than one), practitioners and genders. 

You can also reply directly to a patient with our advanced messaging system which provides a central view of all messages to and from the customer. 

Getting more out of AskNicely

  • Setup alerts so that your practitioners are alerted when a score for their customer is received.
  • Setup alerts for key management staff for low scores. 
  • Our new Workflows feature (available on the Professional Plan) allows you to automatically respond to a patients, eg. you could ask high scoring patients to review on Google+
  • Using Klipfolio.com you can display your NPS results on a large screen with your location to show the NPS score, practitioner leaderboards and recent comments. This initiative is the MOST powerful action you can take to improving customer satisfaction!  We have customers that cannot wait to see their NPS score come back, because they actually expect 10s! 

Love to hear your feedback, John.


  1. Click your name in the bottom left corner
  2. Click on My Info 
  3. Scroll down, Click on [Generate a new API key] button, in the API Keys section
  4. Copy the character string - this is your API Key!


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