The value of AskNicely begins with your survey, but it doesn't end there. Our most successful users always make sure to close the loop. One of the best ways to do that is with our Workflows. 

Workflows allow you to automate processes after receiving a survey response. You can use them to get more reviews, follow up on blank comments or low scores, send an alert to your team, send information to Slack, and much more. 

Workflows are also very flexible; any data point that you track within a survey or your People can be a trigger for a workflow. So if you want to send a message or get an alert automatically when a customer from a specific segment responds, no problem. Want to ask those respondents with blank comments for some more information? You can do that, too. 

To get there, click the Workflows icon in your Navigation Bar.

You'll see your choices for Workflow types. There's quite a few!

To give you an idea of how to set one up, let's take a look at our basic email Workflow.

Email Workflow

Click the first Workflow tile, Email

The New Workflows page will open. Let's take a look at some of the parts.

Name: Give this Workflow a distinctive name. 

Trigger: Choose whether this Workflow will run automatically, or will be triggered manually from within the Responses page. For this example, we'll choose an Automatic Workflow. 

Run this Workflow: Set limits on when this response will be sent. 

Rules: When your Workflow is first created and set to automatic, it will run on any responses. Adding rules allows you to set specific trigger conditions. Click Add Ruleto add a rule. 

  • When you do, you'll be given the option to add in and customize your conditional logic, as illustrated below. To add more conditions, click the +And or +Or buttons to add those types of statements. Click X to remove a condition line. 

Below your conditions and rules, you'll find the fields to customize your outbound email. 

To Email/To Name: These are the email address and name that this alert will be sent to. By default these will be call fields using "{ }" that will automatically bring in the customer's email/name each time. If you replace this with an email that is not a call field, for example, it will always be sent to that email. You can find a list of supported call fields down the left side of the New Workflow screen.  

Show Replies in AskNicely: Allows you to have replies attached to the survey response in AskNicely. This keeps all communication in one place, and you can follow up with more communication there if you choose. We recommend activating this option for most customer-facing Workflows.

From Name: This is the name that will display on the email that AskNicely sends for you. 

Reply-To Email/User to be Notified of Replies: If you do not have replies sent to AskNicely, this will be the email that replies will be sent to. If you do have replies sent to AskNicely, this field will turn to "User to be Notified of Replies", and you'll be given a dropdown to select a user, instead of a free text field. The selected user will be notified of replies in accordance with their notification settings. 

Subject & Body: These fields will comprise the subject and body of the email that is sent, including "signatures". In both of these fields, you can use call fields to fill in personal data. Available call fields will be listed on the left side of the screen. Templates: You can have a list of templates that will be rotated through, round-robin style, as the Workflow is triggered. This is most commonly used to direct customers to one of several review sites. In order to balance the requests evenly, multiple rotating templates would be used. 

Note: Templates only change the body and subject of your email; no other elements are changed. 

Send After ____ Minutes: For a more natural, less automated feel, you can choose to delay the response to a certain number of minutes after the Workflow is triggered.

Note: While this is measured in minutes, you can still delay your response by days if you choose; simply calculate how many minutes your preferred delay is.

Show Logo at the Bottom of the Email: If you have a logo uploaded that you'd like to attach, you can choose between the logo for your company and the logo used on the triggering survey. You may also opt to omit a logo entirely. 

When you've customized your Workflow to your satisfaction, click Save to save but leave it inactive, or Save and Activate to start using it immediately.

And you're set! The information from designing this Workflow will help you a ton when you start creating other Workflows. 

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