Have you ever seen a customer comment that you wish you could put right on your website? Hopefully, you’re seeing more than just one. With AskNicely, you can quickly send those great comments to a carousel on your website, without having to pick each comment by hand. In just a few quick and easy steps, visitors to your page can see a wide assortment of people singing your praises.

We call these “Testimonials!” This article will tell you how to choose comments for them and how to embed the carousel in your site. 

Preparing Your Testimonial Template

To publish a testimonial, you’ll need customer permission. Fortunately, with AskNicely, getting permission is built into the process. Requesting a testimonial uses a response template, almost identical to any other. You can tell it apart because it has a little heart next to it––share the love!

Editing Your Publish Request Template

Like most templates in AskNicely, you might want to customize your Publish Request Template to reflect your company’s voice. Doing so is easy:

  1. Click any response in AskNicely to launch the reply chat modal. 
  2. Click Reply Template to expand your list of reply templates
  3. Click the Pencil to the right of the Publish template (the one with the heart)
  4. Customize the template so that it sounds like your voice and the way you want to connect with your customers.

    Make sure the “{publishlink}” tags still exist in the template, or the link to approve publishing won’t be included! You can put any text you like between the tags, and the text will be turned into a link.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click the X to close the response

Publishing a Testimonial from a Response

From any page in your AskNicely account: 

  1. Click the chat bubble in the navigation bar to go to the Responses Page. 
  2. Click 🤍Publish under the response you want to publish. 

The response will open with your Publish Request Template filled in. 

3. (Optional) Make any edits you’d like to the template. These will only affect this email, not your template in general. Make sure to leave the link in the email!

4. Click Send to send this request.

The status on the response changes to "Waiting" until permission is granted or denied.  

Once granted, the status will say "Published" and a dropdown will appear. We’ll talk about the options in the dropdown a little further on.

Note: You can also trigger your Publish Request Template from inside the Chat Modal, the same way you’d trigger a normal template. 

Setting Up Your Testimonial Carousel

Once you’ve set up your template and had a few customers accept, you can show off those Testimonials on your website by embedding AskNicely’s Javascript widget. Note that we recommend waiting until you have a few; you probably don’t want an empty testimonials carousel!

To start that process, navigate to the Testimonials section of the Settings page:

  1. Click the Cog Wheel to open the Settings page
  2. Click Testimonials
  3. (Optional) Choose your options, if different from the displayed defaults
  4. Click Update

Below that, you’ll find the javascript to embed in your website to create the carousel (a)

To test out the code, click either of the test buttons (b) to launch it in JSFiddle. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, you can test it using data from AskNicely by clicking Testimonials from AskNicely (c).

Copy the script to embed in your site by clicking Copy Javascript (d).

Continue to scroll down the page for display and filter options that you can use and configure in the JavaScript for your page. 

If you have any questions about this aspect of setting up your Testimonials, please contact Support using the chat button in the lower right corner, or by emailing support@asknice.ly.

Excluding Previously Published Testimonials

If there is a response that you no longer want to show in your testimonial carousel, you can hide it with a few clicks. 

From the response on the Responses page:

  1. Click Published
  2. Click Hide from the drop down menu

This testimonial won’t show again in the carousel until you choose to enable it by following these same steps and clicking show from the drop down menu. 

Have more questions? Please reach out to our awesome support team using the Chat button in the bottom right, or email support@asknice.ly.

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