One of AskNicely's most unique feature is the ability to publish reviews directly to your website.  This feature is available in the Professional plan and above.  In just a few quick and easy steps, potential clients can see the praises of your services.

Once logged into your AskNicely account, click "Responses".

From here, select the review you'd like to publish.  Towards the bottom right of the review, there will be a heart icon that says "Publish".  Once you click this, the reviewer will receive an email requesting permission to publish the comment. These are not automated, and require permission. 

You will then see a customizable template that will be sent to the reviewer!  You can edit this template as well to better suit your needs.

The status will then change to "Pending" until permission is granted or denied.  Once granted, the status will now say "Published".

Once you see the status change, go to "Settings" and from there to "Testimonials".

From this page, you can edit details such as pictures and requesting a company name.  You can also select a widget, .html file, or even change the comment balloon color to gray from this page!

Check out the link below to see how we we use this feature over at AskNicely!

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