Goal: send an NPS survey to your customers when they are logged in to your website.

1: A customer-facing website that captures an email upon login;
2: Access & ability to embed Javascript code in your customer-facing website;

What are Web surveys?

Web surveys are pop-up NPS surveys that can be implemented on your customer-facing website. Like emailed surveys, web surveys will respect the contact rules on the Send page so your customers are surveyed at the right frequency. These surveys do get high response rates, so if you have an active user base, they can be an effective way to get a broad cross-section of your customers.

What that said, is this approach to NPS surveying right for your business? Great question - a few things to consider:

  • Timing is important! You should attempt to send these surveys after a transaction or event to avoid interrupting the customer's workflow.
  • Web surveys can only survey the customers who access your website: you may miss important stakeholders who don't log in regularly. (The best approach is a combination of web surveys and relational surveys via our Send Scheduler.)
  • Feedback from a customer in your website can result in people scoring based on their experience in the site: Per the advice above ("Timing is important!"), be really strategic about what event triggers the survey so they are scoring you based on their relationship with your brand, rather than their experience on your site.

Still game for it? Alrighty, let's do this!

Step 1: Create your specialized "inapp" Survey Template

This Survey Template needs to be different than the usual setup because it does not have the "email" component with the NPS question - it needs to start with the NPS question.

  1. Click App Store > Discover > Web Surveys > Configure
  2. Click "Create a NPS Survey Template." This will create a Survey Template called "inapp", and the first question will be an "answer_nps" question of, "How likely are you to recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?

If you do not have the option to "Create a NPS Survey Template", please contact the Support Team.

Step 2: Implementing Web Surveys in AskNicely

Now that you have your Survey Template prepared and your People data imported, you can configure rules for your Web Surveys:

  1. Log in to AskNicely and click App Store > Integrations > Web Survey.
  2. Copy the Javascript code provided and insert into the webpage where you want your customers to be surveyed.

    Note: We recommend considering the best page or trigger to display this on - it's better to do it after a transaction or event, so that it isn't interrupting the customers workflow. 
  3. Edit the Javascript code to reflect your domain details. (Contact our Support Team if you need help via support@asknice.ly.)

    Note: The default AskNicely Web Survey will display to anyone that is on the page the widget lives on. If the person doesn't exist in AskNicely, we will create a new person on the platform since we showed them a survey. If you want the survey to only show up for certain groups, include the conditional formatting to filters who gets shown the survey and who doesn't.

Step 3: Turn on Web Surveys on AskNIcely's Send Page

  1. Go back to AskNicely and click on the paper airplane icon to go to the Send page.
  2. Click the blue "Configure" button halfway down the page next to "Web Surveys"
  3. Choose the number of surveys to send each day and save the changes.

YOU DID IT - nice work!! We recommend testing thoroughly and monitoring sent surveys closely to ensure they aren't being over-automated - otherwise, please contact our Support Team if you need an extra set of eyes - we are here when you need us.

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