Web surveys can reach your customer in the moment from within your website, and achieve high response rates. 

Is it right for your business? A few things to consider include:

  • Triggering surveys after a transaction or event to minimise the potentially negative impact on customer experience when their workflow is interrupted. Timing is important!
  • Web surveys can only survey the customers who access your website, and may miss important stakeholders who don't log in regularly. A combination of web surveys and email surveys can help prevent bias.
  • Feedback from a customer in your website can be about that single interaction rather than their relationship with your brand as a whole.
  • Ensuring your team has the capacity to act on customer feedback, and that it can be shared internally. You may need to adjust your survey size when using web survey NPS.

How Web Surveys appear:

Implementing Web Surveys in AskNicely

  1. From within your AskNicely Account. Click on the Cog Wheel > Integrations > Web Survey which is found near the bottom of the left hand column. 
  2. Copy the Javascript code provided and insert into the webpage where you want your customers to be surveyed.  We recommend considering the best page or trigger to display this on - it's better to do it after a transaction or event, so that it isn't interrupting the customers workflow. 
  3. Edit the Javascript code where relevant to reflect your domain details.
  4. Choose the number of surveys to send each day on the Send page, under "Web Surveys", and save the changes.

Things to note

  • We need a unique way of identifying customers, either an email or customer id. If you are unable to provide this then the Web Survey will not display. This allows AskNicely to obey the Contact Rules and avoid over-surveying your customers. 
  • Adding custom data. You can add extra fields to the data you send us, for example segment: "InApp" , this will help differentiate between responses received in-app using the web survey vs responses received via email. This will also allow you to customize the wording and display of the InApp survey from the Templates menu. 

Like emailed surveys, web surveys will respect the contact rules on the Send page, so your customers are surveyed at the right frequency.

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