Requirements: you will need a HubSpot account and an AskNicely account before completing these steps.

Note: HubSpot Marketing Basic/Pro/Enterprise account is required to integrate with AskNicely after the free trial period. 


By connecting your HubSpot account, you'll be able to:

  • Pull selected Contact Lists from HubSpot into AskNicely, so that you can survey the contacts in them. You can use HubSpot's "smart lists" to provide advanced criteria, and determine exactly which contacts are pulled into AskNicely
  • Choose which of your Contact's properties are pulled through into the AskNicely record. These appear as extra data fields
  • See AskNicely response events directly in HubSpot, on a contact's timeline, as well as in their properties. (This allows you to find and query both the history of a contact's responses, along with their most recent response.)
  • Build complex queries against your AskNicely responses within HubSpot - find and filter contacts based on their feedback, and take different workflow actions based on score or comment
  • Contacts are synced into your AskNicely account daily, and from there your normal survey rules and schedule will take effect.

Read more about the integration here

How to install

  1. navigate to the settings menu (Cog Wheel at bottom left of your page) in your AskNicely account and then select integrations
  2.  Select the Hubspot integration
  3. Click the "Set up" button 
  4. Click connect to Hubspot to authorise the AskNicely app to connect to your Hubspot account (this will open up in your Hubspot account)
  5. Follow the remaining steps on screen
  6. See selecting lists and properties below

Selecting lists and properties

These properties are set as part of the setup process, but can also be updated at any point by clicking the edit button on the Hubspot integration page.

Use a list (or lists) in Hubspot to define which contacts you want to survey. Any selected lists will then be imported and synced daily with any new contacts being added to your survey queue.
Things to note:

  • If a contact is a member of multiple lists in Hubspot, they will not be sent any more surveys than your contact rules within AskNicely allow (default is no more than once per 90 days).
  • If you have more contacts than you can send in one day, then surveys will be sent over more than one day.

The second consideration is which contact properties you want to sync. Any additional fields you sync in with each contact will enable you to view leaderboards and segment by that field. Examples of useful fields to segment by are type of plan or product purchased, area/territory of customer, customer service rep. 

How to Display AskNicely Fields in Hubspot:

AskNicely fields will show up in two locations: The Contact Activity timeline and the About this contact section. 

Activity timeline: Click on the "Filter Activity" drop down and make sure that under Integrations you have AskNicely selected. 

Once that's in place, if you click on the "Details" drop down you'll be able to see the score, comment, tag (aka Feedback Topic), category, the NPS question that was asked, and the response date/time. 

In the About this contact section, scroll down and select "View all properties". To the left side, click on "Set default properties". Search for NPS and 5 properties will show up that you can add to the default display. NPS Comment, NPS Date, NPS Score, NPS Segment, and NPS Tag. This will show up as displayed in the below image: 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen or in your account. 

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