Frontline feedback user guide:

The AskNicely frontline coaching product suite is meant to help amplify the experiences customers love and to help deliver a top notch customer experience. We will help you validate and track the amazing customer experiences you deliver everyday.

Download the app

-1- You will receive a text message or email directing you to download the AskNicely app. Titled “You have been invited to join AskNicely”. To get started, press “Activate my account”.

➔ Login using your email and create a new password.

Personal Scorecard

Knowing your personal performance was something thought impossible to measure to many frontline staff but now with the personal scorecard you can see exactly
how high performing you are. Instantly see rankings, earned
accomplishments and prompts for what to do differently to raise your

scores in the future. Your personal scorecard is a reflection of your previous work and service to the customers you interact with as well as a new channel to communicate with co-workers and management.

  • ➔ -2- NPS - Net Promoter Score, this is your personal customer experience score which ranks you within your cohort.
  • ➔ -3- Positive Feedback & Badges - These are your earned accomplishments showcasing what you’ve done exceptionally well.
  • ➔ -4- Things to work on - These are trending areas for improvement based on your last 30 days of feedback.
  • ➔ -5- Feedback Ticker feed - these are your most recent customer comments.


-6- A new way to receive communications meant for the desk-less work force. We understand that a culture of appreciation makes the difference in creating engaged and efficient staff. There are various notice types sent to you and your teammates ranging from urgent updates to lighthearted shoutouts as push notifications. There is a different look and feel whether delivering important company updates or congratulating your job well done.


Coaching prompts may appear based on past feedback you’ve received or as part of your regular team training schedule. These are simple, bite size bits of information tailored to help you do your job.


-7- Part of a successful organization is getting feedback from those delivering your service - you. We created the staff suggestions portal to give all employees an opportunity to surface ideas for improvement. This channel of communication also allows peers to connect to knowledge share in public, where others can agree and vote on topics for company improvement.

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