What's better than seeing score roll in on the AskNicely Dashboard? Seeing the difference from the last score a person left!

We've added a few features to help you quickly gauge if a customer has moved up or down the scoring scale based on their response history.

  • Score Indicator: The up or down carrot shows you which way the score is going and then by how much. This will not appear for scores that match the previous score exactly and for people who this is their first ever response.
  • Response History (aka the little clock): This icon will appear if the person leaving a response has left any responses in the past. If you hover over that icon it will tell you how many responses they've left in total.

How can I see all of the responses for a specific person?

I'm glad you asked!

Once you click into the response you'll see in the upper right, the response history button. If you click on that button it will take you to the Response page that is filtered specifically for that person.

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to contact us via email; support@asknice.ly, or click into the chat icon that's in the lower right of your screen of your AskNicely account!

V 1.0.0

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