If your response rate dips below our average range of 22-25%, here are a couple of tools you can use to drive that number up.

Send Surveys From Your Email Domain

Sending emails from your email domain (noreply@YOURCOMPANY.com instead of noreply@asknicelyemails.com) isn't a required step, but we highly recommend it to keep your branding consistent and ensure maximum deliverability: this article walks through the process step by step.

Survey Reminders

On any Survey Template, you have the ability to automatically send a "plain-text" follow-up email to your customers 2, 3, 5, or 7 days after the survey was initially sent. This plain-text follow-up will be threaded with the original email so they can see the "rich formatting" version below.

Tweak Your Send Scheduler

If you are sending relational surveys with a send scheduler, try tweaking the time you send out surveys - for example, if you work with general contractors, you may want to send out the surveys at 7am instead of 10am to catch them before they head out to a work site. You know your customers best - use the flexibility of AskNicely accordingly!

Use AskNicely Adoption As A PR Opportunity

One option to give your customers a "heads up" that surveys are incoming is to have your marketing department send out messaging to their customer base notifying that they should be on the lookout for your surveys. Saying, "we want to give you a voice!” can go a long way, and definitely sets you up to receive candid feedback.

Another option: if you have a "frontline team" that works regularly with customers, you can have them give the customer a heads up that surveys are on their way to help drive response rates. Use at your discretion!

Use Statistics To See If There Are Weekly Drop-Offs

Check your statistics (Dashboard > Reports > Statistics) to see what days have the lowest open rates, then just not send surveys on that day to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach.

We frequently hear from our high volume customers that there is a significant dropoff on Fridays, so if you want a higher response rate, just send more surveys Monday through Thursday. So simple, it just might work!

Personalize your messaging

Personalizing the subject line with a real call to action also can have a huge impact: "{firstname}! We want to do better. Will you tell us how?"

Making sure the "From Name" on your survey template is an actual name surprisingly goes a long way as well - and, if it's one word or three words, some companies have spam filters to block those emails automatically, so no need to get too clever here. :)

Please reach out to our awesome Support Team via the chatbot in the lower right hand corner of AskNicely if you could use more help in getting your surveys in front of your customers - we're here when you need us!

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