Your team could get thousands of survey responses when using AskNicely and it’s important to be able to analyze the feedback you're getting at a high level without having to group similar comments manually. 

Themes allow you to automatically categorize responses based on the keywords customers are using in the feedback they give, and overall themes that your team identifies as being important. This lets you quickly see what is making your customers most happy (or unhappy).

The theme buckets section is on your Dashboard page, just under the leaderboards section. To add a new Theme bucket click the Add button next to the title, or to edit just click on the pencil icon on the right hand side of existing theme.

You can add in any words that are related to that theme, and hit save! This will analyze all your comments (within the filtered date range), and you can see a breakdown of the NPS for each of these themes. 

The AskNicely default Themes are "price", "service", and "speed", but these can be completely changed based on your company’s needs. If you’re struggling to get jump started on themes and what keywords to choose, then you can navigate to the Statistics page (using the gear icon in the bottom left of the window) and view common keywords across your customers responses.

You can add these popular keywords to existing Themes, or create new ones.

Isolating words

If you're using a word that is found in other words, example: "river". It can be found in driver, screwdriver, and strivers. You can isolate the word by putting brackets { } around the word, like {river}. That will pull in responses with only that isolated word and not other words that contain it. 

*Please note* that Theme Buckets is only available for Professional Plans and above. 

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