By default your surveys will be sent from an AskNicely email address (, but we strongly recommend you set up your own domain to send these from. This ensures emails look like they’re coming from your organization (rather than AskNicely), which is important for a few reasons: 

  • Customers are more likely to open and respond to an email from someone they’re familiar with, like your organization.
  • Using your domain makes it less likely that the surveys will get caught in email filters. 

Before we begin: Many elements of this process are technical and require access to your DNS host. For some—or all—of this, you'll probably want to have your email administrator or IT support involved.

Go to your settings screen by clicking on the cog wheel in the bottom of the toolbar to the left. 

Step 1

Once you're on the My Domains page, click on +Add New Domain to get the process started. 

In the section labeled "Step 1: Domain", enter your domain (the part of your email after the @ symbol) in the address box and then click Add.

Step 2

IMPORTANT: You might need some help from your email administrator or tech support team here! 

There are a few settings that will need to be updated on your email backend. The details for those will be populated under "New SPF Settings" and "New DKIM Settings" and can be copy/pasted right into your settings. 

Note: If you're a larger company, there is a possibility that you have too many DNS lookups on your domain (our setup is able to access a maximum of 10). In this case, you'll need to create a subdomain for us to send these from, and put that back in Step One instead. 

Note: You need to be able to receive emails to the address, so please make sure that this email is set up to do that (i.e. a real, live email address). 

Step 3

Next we need to verify the email address you'll be using to send your surveys. Enter an email address with the domain you chose, and click Send Verification Link.

As mentioned above, the email address entered must be able to receive and send emails.  We will send you an email with a special link in it (this should come from Mandrill, which is the email server). 

Once you receive the email, copy and paste the verification link back in to Domain settings page, and click Verify Link

Step 4

Almost done! The last step is to enter the email address your surveys will come from. 

Note: While our platform does suggest using a "noreply" email to prevent autoreplies (e.g. vacation autoresponders), you may want to use something different since "noreply" emails can get caught in content filters and not reach their final destination. 

You can change this to "feedback" or "customercare," but just be aware that you may receive a lot of autoreplies.

Optional: Send from Multiple Domains

Note: By default, most AskNicely accounts come with one domain. If you’d like to add an additional domain, please contact our support team.

If you have individual branches or brands under a single umbrella, AskNicely allows you to connect multiple email domains under a single AskNicely account. 

In the photo, there are currently two domains configured for AskNicely, but more can be added by clicking on + Add New Domain

Once you have the additional domains connected, you can assign specific domains to email templates and workflows. 

If you're having trouble, check out these articles:

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Problems with the SPF records exceeding 10: Exceeding the SPF Record Limit

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