Sometimes, one survey template just isn’t enough. When you want different surveys to go to different people, it’s time to create more survey templates. Whether you want a template in another language, or you’ve got several brands and want your customers to see the branding they’re used to, or you want different surveys at different stages in the customer journey, you can use templates to do it. 

Setting Up Multiple Survey Templates

To start using multiple templates, navigate to your Survey Page by clicking the Hammer & Pencil (a), and then Manage Templates (b).

You’ll be taken to the Manage Templates screen. 

From here, the first thing you’ll have to do is choose a Trigger Field (a). This field can be any data point you track in AskNicely, but it can only be one. In this example, we’ve chosen location, and we can create a template based on any of our locations that we’ve added so far, just by clicking Add a new template (b) and selecting from the dropdown. 

Note: An option won’t appear here unless someone in your people data has it as that data point. In the example above, I might have customers in Adelaide, but until I’ve added at least one customer with “Adelaide” in my Location column to AskNicely, it won’t show in the list. 

If you haven’t added someone with that option yet, (for example, you haven’t added Adelaide yet, but you know you’ll want a template for Adelaide) you can click Create a custom email template (c). This will let you create one that you name yourself, instead of picking from the names in the list. 

Important note: The template name and the data point name MUST match in order for the recipient to receive that specific template. Otherwise, they will receive the default survey template. 

Whether you choose one of the names from the dropdown, or you choose a custom template, a dialogue will appear asking you to configure your template

Use template or language (d) will allow you to choose an existing template to clone, or a language default to use. 

Template name (e) will allow you to rename this template. Remember that the name of the template and the name of the trigger field data point must match, so if you created this off of the list of possible data points, you probably don’t want to change this. 

When you’re ready to add this template, click Add.

Once you’ve added this template, changes you make to it will only affect that template. 

Deleting a Template

If you decide you no longer want to use a template, you can delete it from the Survey page by clicking Manage Templates, and then selecting Delete (f) next to the template name. 

Note: Deleted templates cannot be recovered, so be sure you want to delete before you do!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right of any AskNicely page, or by emailing

Version 2.0.0

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