If you're on our Professional plan or higher, you have the option to set up different survey templates for your different customer segments or languages. This can be a great option if you have different types of customers, if the surveys are being triggered at different points in the customer journey, or if you have customers that require different language templates.

To set up a new template

Firstly, click on the cog icon bottom-left > Settings > Select the template tab.

The "trigger field" sets which custom field we will use to determine which email template to use.  Eg within AskNicely you are using the Segment field to store which language a customer users. Eg spanish or french.

Once you have selected a trigger field: 

  • We will find all the unique values in this field, in our example, it would show 'Spanish', 'French'
  • If you do not have any data yet, create a new template with the values you expect will be in this field using the [create custom email template] button. 
  • The names are not case sensitive so French = french for templates
  • If we dont find a template, we will simply use the default template. 

Survey Template Languages

When you create a "new" template, you can copy an existing or you can choose one of 6 predefined languages we have.  Today we support

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch

Great. Now you can edit your template and fine tune any text you would like to update

To delete a new template

If you change your mind about your template, just click in back in to the Template tab (Cog wheel in the top right, then select Settings. Then choose Templates). This will show you the list of templates, and you can click the red "Delete" button next to the one you want to remove. 

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