NPS works best when you have engagement and visibility throughout your organization. Even if you are the sole administrator of your AskNicely account, we recommend you use the multiple users that come with your account to get engagement from other members of your organization. 

You can manage your users by clicking the Cog Wheel and then selecting Users.

Add a New User

From the Users menu, select the Users submenu. You'll see a list of your users. If this is your first time accessing your account, this might just be you. That's OK, adding more users is easy. 

Click Add User

In the popup that appears, enter in the new user's information. 

Accounts come with three default User Role types, unless you have purchased custom user roles. This table summarizes the access for each user role:

You can also select whether you want this user to be subscribed to a weekly email report from AskNicely. 

After the information is set for this user, click Save to save them and exit the dialog, or Save and Add Another to continue adding users. 

More Information

Read about using Custom User Roles with a custom account.

Read about using spare user seats to add members of your executive team.

Version 2.1.1

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