NPS works best when you have engagement and visibility throughout your organization.

If you are the sole administrator of your AskNicely account, we highly recommend you farm out the multiple user licenses that come with your account to get engagement from other members of your organization and share the wealth of knowledge that you will be receiving from your customer base. 

You can manage your users by clicking Settings > Users > Users.

Add a New User

From the Users menu, select the Users submenu. You'll see a list of your users. If this is your first time accessing your account, this might just be you.

You can see the number of user licenses you have by looking at the numbers next to Users at the top of the page: per the screenshot below, Users (4/5) means that this person has created 4 out of 5 possible users.

To add users, click the blue Add User button. 

In the popup that appears, enter in the new user's information. 

Accounts come with three default User Role types, unless you have purchased custom user roles. This table summarizes the access for each user role:

You can also select whether you want this user to be subscribed to a weekly email report from AskNicely. 

After the information is set for this user, click Save to save them and exit the dialog, or Save and Add Another to continue adding users. The more the merrier!

Adding Mobile Users

You can add mobile users from this same page (Settings > Users > Users) by clicking the small "mobile phone" icon next to each user name. It will instantly send them an invitation to download the app and log in.

Removing Users

To remove any of your users (Admins, Users, or Read-Only), first navigate to Settings > Users > Users. Select “Edit” next to the user you want to remove and select “Remove User.” This will remove their user. record and they should no longer receive any communications from AskNicely.

Please reach out via the chatbot in the lower right hand corner of AskNicely if you or anyone from your team needs help from our awesome Support Team!

Version 2.1.1

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