Can I have more than one question?
We are focused on NPS, so based on that framework we provide by default the ability to ask one question in the email, with follow up requests for comment and feedback topics. This invites the customer to share what's most relevant to them, and we have found that keeping this direct and simple increases the response rates.

If you'd like to dig a little deeper into things that are important to your customer, you should check out our Conversations feature, which will allow you to create responsive, branching conversations as part of the customer's response. And just like with Feedback Topics, you can sort and track the answers you get in this conversation! We think you'll really like it. 

Can you support different languages?
Yes, you can change the text in your survey if you need this to be in another language. If your business deals with multiple countries and languages, you can set up a different template for each one.  

Do you only do email surveys, or can I do these within my own website?
We do have the option to do in-app NPS. It's a little bit trickier to set up, and we often find that sometimes the response rates are not as good as email, because we may be interrupting your user in the middle of a task. 

If you're wanting to do in-app surveys, have a think about the best time to ask your users (maybe after checking out?), and get in touch with us.

Can the surveys be anonymous?
We can turn this on in your account, it can be a really good way to get people to be completely honest with their responses. It's perfect if you're using your account for Employee NPS

Can I customise the survey?
There are customisation options - you are able to change the logo, colours and text to help this reflect your brand. You can add in some custom CSS, and there is also some survey logic to change the confirmation messages based on the customer's score too.

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