Note: This article is about the Default Daily Scheduler. 

To find out if you have the Advanced Daily Scheduler enabled, check your Send Page. If the first item on the page says “Default Scheduler,” that means you are using the Default Scheduler, and this article is for you! 

If it says “Advanced Daily Scheduler,” you have the Advanced Scheduler. If you are using our Advanced Daily Scheduler, check this help article for more information. 

If you don't have the Advanced Scheduler, and it sounds like something you need, please use the chat button in the bottom right of your screen to reach out to our support team, and they can talk to you about activating it.

Scheduling Your Surveys

While it may be tempting to just fire off surveys to your whole people list all at once, or in huge bunches every quarter, that might not be the best choice. At AskNicely, we recommend sending out your surveys in a trickle, a few at a time. This way, you don't have to wait a whole quarter to learn what your customers are experiencing, and you don't have to wait a whole quarter to address that feedback. AskNicely will help you track customer satisfaction in real time, and scheduling your surveys to send out regularly is the best way to do that. Build your schedule in our Daily Scheduler!

The Daily Scheduler

Your Daily Scheduler is how you'll create a steady stream of surveys, and how you'll prevent survey fatigue. You can find it on the Send screen (the Paper Airplane).

Important Note: Make sure to turn off any schedules you are not yet ready to run after you save them. The scheduler "locks in" at midnight, so any changes you make won't reflect until the next day, but make sure not to leave a schedule on unless you're ready to send.

If you don't see a scheduler laid out like this yet, check the slider to the right to make sure it's on. 

If there's not one, click Add to add a new scheduler. 


Let's take a look at the scheduler's layout.

Name: At the top left, you'll see this Schedule's name. You can change the name by clicking the Pencil.

On/Off Switch: You can turn a schedule off or back on using the switch in the upper right. 

Recipients: Let's take a closer look at this one.
This line will let you determine who to send surveys to, and how many of them to send each day. 

By default, this will send to recipients selected from all your People, provided they meet your Contact Rules (described below).

If you prefer, you can customize your schedule by any data point that you track. 

Weekdays and Time: Choose what days of the week you want to send your surveys on, and what time (using your own timezone). 

The most common choice is to send these during the week, but this can vary from industry to industry. You know your industry better than we do, so please feel free to customize this. 

Custom Rule: This field reflects the contact rules that AskNicely will follow. By default, this will follow your Global Contact Rules, but you can choose to use specific rules for this scheduler. 

Global Contact Rules

Global Contact Rules affect any schedules that don't have their own rules. They'll also affect any surveys triggered by events like an Email to Survey, integration update, or API call. 

Global Contact Rules help prevent over-surveying, and help prevent surveying someone too soon after they're added. If someone has been surveyed or added within the number of days specified, they won't receive another survey.

We recommend setting your contact rules so that there are at 90-180 days between surveys to any given person. 

For people newly added to your account, usually you want to trigger the survey to be sent pretty soon after this - people are much more likely to respond if they have had a recent interaction with you. If this is set at 0 days then they are sent a survey the next day; but you can make this a little longer if you'd like. Just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less likely they are to respond! 

If you have any questions about scheduling surveys, please feel free to contact Support by clicking the chat button in the lower right corner. 

Version 1.2.0

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