Goal: Customize your AskNicelyTV setup for the audience it is intended for.

Prerequisites: Set up AskNicelyTV.

Display Customization

AskNicely Slideshow: You can configure a slideshow by clicking on the drop down next to the TV button:

It will take you to this next screen where you can add in links from the AskNicely TV or other Applications to create a slideshow that changes however many seconds you'd like it to change.

Changing the Filters: To change the AskNicely Dashboard and what is showing, click on the triple bar menu in the top left corner of the AskNicely TV screen:

It will provide you with the following options:

  • Saved Filters: For any saved views/filters that you've created on the normal AskNicely Dashboard.
  • Period: Defaults are 30 days, 7 days, 24hrs. If you want to expand that, in the start of the URL you'll see: https://jarvis.asknice.ly/tv/day/30/any. Change the 30 to the number of days you wish to see, hit enter, and you'll be set.
  • Leaderboard: Allows you to select one of your custom data points to view.
  • Hide empty responses: If there are any scores with no comments, this will hide them from AskNicely TV.
  • Hide names: If AskNicely TV is being shown in a public place, this is may be a good idea depending on the level of transparency and adoption across your organization.
  • Hide email addresses: 100% recommend that you hide this if it is being shown in a public place.
  • Enlarge responses text: Doubles the size of the font.
  • Dashboard Title: You can customize what you want the Dashboard to be titled - per the example below, the title was changed to "Jarvis AskNicely TV". (The default is "Real Time Net Promoter Score".)

AskNicely TV is available for ALL users for those accounts that are Professional and above. Turn on, tune in, and tune up your survey strategy according to what it tells you. Happy viewing!

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