Preparing to Import

To send a survey, the very least you need is a name and an email, but that won't get you the advanced metrics and insight you're looking for. For that you'll need more data points. Take a look at the sample below from Jarvis Air. Note the column headers. 

Important: Column headers become Leaderboards once you receive surveys.

It's a good idea to separate your People list into different groups. This not only helps when you want to report on the different groups, but also allows you to set up different templates for those groups. We call these groups Segments. You can identify the segment for each customer on your CSV by having a column titled "Segment" and labeling each customer accordingly. Take a look above to see how Jarvis Air segments their customers. 


Once you've got your CSV laid out the way you want, it's time to import! Head to your People Tab>Import People>CSV or Text File and select the file you want to import. 

When your file is uploaded, you'll be prompted to choose what columns you want to import, and what you want to import them as. 

If your column header matches a data point in AskNicely, definitely make that selection. For many of your custom data points, however, there won't be a pre-existing column in AskNicely. That's OK, the bottom option will be to import it as it is labeled in your CSV. If you don't want to import a data point into AskNicely, you can choose Skip this Column

When everything is matched up the way you want, click Confirm Matches.

You'll see a display telling confirming the matches you just made. If something doesn’t look correct, click Change Columns. If everything looks good, click Run CSV Importer.

It may take just a moment to import. When the import is completed, you'll see a confirmation screen giving you a breakdown of what you've imported and how it relates to the data already in AskNicely. 

Once you’ve completed your CSV import, you'll be presented with a few options:

  • Deactivate the people in AskNicely and not in your CSV. This is best used when you are bringing in a list of all your active customers and want your CSV to be your only list. 
  • Deactivate the people in AskNicely that are in your CSV. This would be used if your CSV was a list of customers you wanted to remove, i.e. churned or unsubscribed customers.
  • Keep everyone. 

Click Save and Continue to be taken back to your People tab, where you'll see that your people have been imported!

Well done! Your contacts are imported! 

If you have templates already set up, they will auto match with the trigger field you've selected. So, in our example above, the trigger field is language, and you can see that in our first line, "French" is the survey template that will be used for that customer. 

Now that you've got your contacts imported, you can set Contact Rules and Daily Schedule to help you start sending surveys on a daily basis. 

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