If you need to do a big job in a jiffy, the top bar is on the People page is wonderful for bulk processing.

Select All on Page: This will select every person on the page, each page being at most 100 people before moving to a new page. This is great also for if you need to filter a certain user group, you can do so with the search box and then select all on page for an action. I will also use this option to select everyone and then I'll deselect a few people I don't want in this action... it's easier than clicking on 75+ individual boxes :-)

Queue: This will add everyone or anyone selected on the page to the email Queue. CAUTION: if your daily scheduler has already run for that day, these will be sent in the next 30 minutes! Only use this in the morning before your usual batch of surveys has been sent out.

Reactivate: Used for a group of Inactive people in order to bring them back to the Active category. This will NOT work for Unsubscribed individuals - only those who have been Deactivated.

Deactivate: Remove people in bulk from the Active page and move them to Inactive.

Unsubscribe: Prevent all selected individuals from ever receiving another survey from your account.

Privacy: This will remove any data that is associated with the individuals and add their email to the Email Blocklist, which prevents them from ever being added to your account again. This is an extreme measure - use with caution. It's primary function is to serve as a company wide GDPR request. The user will show up as such:

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