The "Actions" dropdown at the top of the People page contains some powerful functionality. See below for what each function can do for you.


  • Download Active People: This will only include people who are currently Active, anyone Inactive will be left off.
  • Download Unsubscribed: Quick access to a list of people who have Unsubscribed from AskNicely surveys.
  • Download Everyone: This includes people on both the Active and Inactive pages.
  • Deactivate Everyone: This is good if you want to clean out your Active list. This moves everyone to Inactive, then the next CSV you upload or the next time your integration syncs it will move anyone who needs to be active back into the active category. Don't worry, we'll still track the last time we sent them an email :-)
  • Delete Everyone: This just opens the "Reset" page, which you can also find by clicking the Cog Wheel > Account > Reset. Which then tells you to reach out to us on Intercom (bottom right chat bubble) and we'll take care of deleting the data for you so it's not done "accidentally"
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