On AskNicely's People page, we have the ability to ensure that people will not be sent emails by AskNicely. (The easiest way to do this is to click the "Deactivate" button on the People page.)

To switch between seeing Active, Inactive, or Active AND Inactive People, the dropdown shown below - found at the top of the People page - lets you switch between these lists of people.

If people are on the Active list: They will be surveyed if...

  • They are available to be surveyed by the Daily Scheduler
  • They are sent a one-off, manually triggered email from the People page
  • A Survey Blast is sent, assuming they are eligible based on contact rules

If people are on the Inactive list: They will not be sent surveys. That said, there are several ways a person can become "Inactive":

  • Deactivated: They were either manually deactivated or deactivated as part of your Integration, which happens if they are no longer on the list of users you're importing.
  • Unsubscribed: They clicked the Unsubscribe button within the AskNicely email, manually unsubscribed by someone in your account, or submitted a privacy request or a user on your account submitted a privacy request by either the "delete all data" button or the Privacy button... both covered later.
  • Email: hard_bounce: This means that the email address is incorrect or doesn't exist and you may need to check/update your records.
  • Email: soft_bounce: This will happen when the email is correct but the mailbox is full, their server is down, or too large for the recipients inbox.

Special Note for Web Surveys: When using InApp/Web Survey, people who are "Deactivated" can still be shown a survey, so if you really don't wanting them to receive a survey, you'll have to unsubscribe them.

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