This is a tricky process, my recommendation is following steps 1-12 laid out in this help article on creating segments for your customers. Here are the steps without the "whys."

  1. Give your "audiences" names. (for example: demo, closedwon, repair)
  2. Set "Segment" as your trigger field.
  3. Click "Create Custom Templates"
  4. Name these custom templates the exact names you chose for your audiences (demo, closedwon, repair).
  5. Confirm that your Custom Survey Templates have the same name as your "audiences" from step 1.
  6. Customize each one of these Custom Survey Templates.
  7. Add a "segment" column to your CSV. This column should be populated with exact matches your Custom Survey Template/audience names. (demo, closedwon, repair.)
  8. You can have multiple values in your segment column for convenience.
  9. Import your people: People > Import People > Import Via CSV > Browse > drag and drop your file
  10. On the "Match Columns" screen, match the "segment" column to "Segment."
  11. Click Import CSV, then Confirm CSV.
  12. On the Finish Import page, click the "... and configure a blast to all contacts in this CSV (on next page)" checkbox. Click this checkbox, click Save and Continue, and you will be taken to a survey blast page where you can survey everyone in your CSV.
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