The point of AskNicely is to start a conversation with your customers with one simple question - "How likely are you to recommend us to your friends or colleagues?" - and see where that conversation takes you from there.

Generally, this question is initially asked in an email, but we also have the ability to embed the surveys in a public-facing website or send them via SMS.

Once your customers answer that crucial first question, we can dig deeper with customized, conversational follow-up questions. We personalize these quick "light-touch" surveys with your customer's name, your brand colors, logo, and your trusted domain.

When it comes to how we send these surveys, AskNicely allows you to connect with your customers either on a regular cadence or based on an event. And when the responses come flowing in, they populate our dashboards based on the data you bring into AskNicely. It's super cool!

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