You know your customers best - that's why we give you full control over how often you will be reaching out to your people. The Global Contact Rule (found at the bottom of your Send Scheduler page) is the tool that determines how frequently a customer will be sent a survey. The default setting is 180 days (6 months), which means that if someone is surveyed today, the earliest they will receive a survey is 6 months from now.

To be configured per NPS best practices, we encourage you to set this to a 90 day cadence, but if that proves to be too much, you can set it back to 180 with a couple of clicks. As an FYI, surveying a customer once every 90 days doesn’t necessarily mean that you are only sending one large batch of surveys once per quarter. We strongly advocate for using the Survey Scheduler to create a trickle campaign.

So, if you have 500 customers, instead of surveying all 500 the same day, you can send 20 a day, Monday through Friday, with the Send Scheduler. This way, you won't bombard everyone while giving yourself the chance to manage each response effectively and collect actionable data so your team can start to anticipate trends and themes affecting your customer base.

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