On average, we can see “good” response rates anywhere from 15-40%. Unless you have an extremely dedicated customer base, this is a realistic range to expect. Plenty of people never take surveys; many others may just not feel like it that day. It's not you, it's them!

If your response rate dips below that range, there are a couple things you can consider tweaking. If you are sending relational surveys with a send scheduler, try tweaking the time you send out surveys. You can also check your statistics (Dashboard > Reports > Statistics) to see what days have the lowest open rates, then just not send surveys on that day to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach.

Personalizing the subject line with a real call to action also can have a huge impact: "{firstname}! We want to do better. Will you tell us how?"

The magic of AskNIcely is that it is an incredibly flexible tool - we highly recommend tweaking your approach as you go to get the most effective, actionable feedback your customer base is willing to provide.

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