If you uploaded them with a CSV or manually added them: The only way to update your People is to upload a corrected CSV again to update the users and their fields. We cannot edit individual data fields manually within AskNicely itself.

If you currently have an active integration with your CRM / POS system: The person needs to be updated within the CRM / POS first, then re-synced over to AskNicely.

If they were initially brought over via an Integration but are no longer bring brought over: re-add them to the list in your CRM / POS system (this will update their information in AskNicely).

  • You can also use a CSV to manually update people data: to do this, you will need a CSV with an "email" address column (this is the primary identifier in AskNIcely), and columns for all of the data points you wish to update. These data points must exactly match the data points shown in your "Custom Data" column on the People data page.

If they are unsubscribed: You actually cannot update these people - there's no need to update the person's segment or any info on the People page because they won't be surveyed by AskNicely again unless you manually go in and re-subscribe them. (Pro-tip: don't do this unless you're really, really, REALLY sure it's the right move.)

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