You absolutely can! a point.

We fully recommend dialing the look and feel of your survey - this "Customizing Your Survey" help article does a deep-dive into customization options, like changing the logo, colors, and text to help show off your brand.

With that said.... we don't recommend getting too wild'n'crazy with the wording in the initial email. The NPS methodology is meant to be a "temperature check" on your customers - a quick, lightweight way of getting a bead on how they are feeling, what is important to them, and the overall sentiment they feel towards your brand. This is not a traditional survey; scores and response rates drop significantly when you start adding excess messaging or using these NPS surveys to push product updates or brand announcements.

Instead, we'd suggest keeping the email messaging simple ("How likely are you to recommend us to your friends or colleagues?"), then using our Conversation Builder in the survey to cater your messaging to your audience. Additional Questions are an add-on that allow you to ask up to 7 different types of questions, including secondary NPS questions and CSAT questions - contact your CSM if you'd like to implement this great feature and really delve into the details of the Customer Experience for your organization.

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