In AskNicely, by clicking on the lightning bolt icon on the left, you will be taken to the "Workflows" page. In a nutshell, workflows are automatic emails sent out based on your surveys.

If you scroll about halfway down the page, you will see a "Get More Reviews" workflow. Read this article for how to set these up - the critical step is that you need to create a link for customers to click to review the 'correct business' on Google.

  1. Use this guide to generate a 1 click link that will open up the review for that business.
  2. Use a link shortener like to shorten the link.
  3. In the "Get More Reviews" Workflow, put that shortened link where it says "website address here" in bold below:
<a href="website address here”>insert words you want hyperlinked here</a>

Save your workflow, and you're done! Congrats, you are on your way to a Google Reviews boom.

Something to note: Google Reviews only work for businesses on Google Maps. If they don't exist on Google Maps, Google does not provide a linkable method for reviewing them.

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