First off, that sounds frustrating! We applaud your efforts for playing around and trying to make it work.

Secondly, you should absolutely reach out to our World Class Support Team at - they have tinkered with every one of these integrations, and know exactly how much juice we can squeeze out of each and every one of our 40+ integrations.

Finally, all of our integrations are based on the best agreement we could negotiate with the companies that agreed to link up with us and hand data back and forth. Making an integration work is a two way street - though sometimes, it's less like a street and more like a narrow escalator. With that said, our Product Team is always working to make the system work for you - we gladly accept feature requests to make our integrations more robust. Please reach out to the Support Team or your Customer Success Manager and lead with the phrase, "Product feature request." Thank you for helping us improve!

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