Congratulations, you are your company's catalyst to something bigger, something better. You've joined more than 1,300 other customer-obsessed, global organizations to empower your employees to gauge your customer's sentiment, act on feedback, and celebrate positive outcomes. We can't wait to see what you'll do! Let's get started.

Understand Your Feedback

So, you're getting responses from your customers? Great! That feedback is a gift from your customers to help you identify trends and gain actionable insights for your company, teams, and products.

The Dashboard is the first thing you'll see when you log in to AskNicely, and is the operations center for all your feedback needs. Here you'll see an at-a-glance summary of your key performance metrics, to give you an immediate idea of how your organization is performing.
Let's take a look at what you can expect to find on your dashboard.

The Navigation Bar (A)
The left side navigation bar helps you to jump across different areas of the platform. You might see different options depending on whether you are a user, supervisor, or platform administrator.

NPS Display + Leaderboard (B)
Here you will find visualizations of your data. Key information is available at a glance and leaderboard insights let you see comparisons against baselines. Most of the information you see in this middle panel can be clicked and reflect corresponding responses in the right-hand column (C), but more about that section in a bit. You can also see more by hovering over information such as the inputs for calculated values like NPS or response rate.

Responses (C)
The response panel on the right gives a glimpse into the data coming back from your surveys such as score, a comment, and the responder's name.

Filter (D)
Want to deep dive into specific criteria? You can filter based upon any data points you track in AskNicely in addition to specifying timeframes. Be sure to save any filters you will use often to save yourself some time. Everything on the dashboard updates by using these filters, including data visualizations.

More detail on the dashboard can be found here

Close the Loop

Answering customer questions and acknowledging their complaints communicates your appreciation. And if your customers do tell you about a problem, they need meaningful, prompt support from an employee who is empowered to actually resolve their issue. This transforms the very act of sharing negative feedback into a positive interaction and hopefully earns you the right to keep their business.

Response Chat Window (A)
You can manage responding to feedback in the control center - either on a case-by-case basis or using automations. You will see information about your customer and their feedback and can respond by email or use internal notes to raise awareness to colleagues.

Automating Processes with Templates and Workflows (B)
Using workflows or reply templates allows you to respond to feedback more quickly and efficiently. Canned replies to common questions free up time to address the more unique scenarios that might be more time intensive to respond. These are highly customizable; broad adoption can standardize your customer service experience while increasing productivity.

Common Integrations
Already managing this in a different platform? No problem - AskNicely integrates with industry leaders including:

Have a read through our Help Articles for more information on the Response Page and Integrations.

Share Your Success

It's key to harness the power of promoters in any successful NPS program. Studies show promoters buy more and more often, refer others, and build loyalty over time - not to mention that positive feedback helps increase job satisfaction for your own teams. AskNicely is here to help you put that good news out into the world.

Third Party Reviews
Google Reviews, G2 Crowd, TrustPilot, Yelp and more - you name it, your potential customers are checking out what people are saying about your business. You can use AskNicely to automatically follow up with your promoters and ask them to share their good experiences on whichever review site(s) you choose using the Get More Reviews workflow. Boosting your brand profile online without any action on your part is making technology work for you.

Your website is both the virtual front door to your company and a great marketing tool. Organic positive customer feedback compliments your marketing materials, so we made a streamlined solution. In one click, you can request permission from your customer to publish their comment on your website via the "Publish" button on the Responses page (A). It is also available as a Reply Template from the Response Chat window.

Testimonials Published on Website

Ready to share your success? Our Help Pages have the setup guides for Third Party Reviews and Testimonials

Socialize Your Results

You and your team may be spending each day on the AskNicely platform but it's unlikely that everyone in your company is doing the same, so it's important to share the voice of the customer to you colleagues. Leadership and management can leverage data to inform decisions on products or services, for example. Product teams can learn about features that customers would like to see; marketing can identify trends to promote your brand. Spreading feedback sparks creativity across teams.

AskNicely TV
There's something about putting a dashboard on a TV that just makes people pay attention. AskNicely TV displays real time feedback as it comes in or can be set to cycle through different filters over time. With the added benefit of additional transparency and communication, the AskNicely TV can be a real value add for your organization.

Reporting and Email Digests
A big value add of the AskNicely platform is how approachable and easy to understandable the data tends to be. The dynamic tool lets you drill down to investigate outliers or identify trends effortlessly. Our reporting capabilities compliment your need to evaluate your own data.

When adding filters from the Dashboard, you can have AskNicely send daily, weekly, or monthly updates directly to your inbox. From there you can share as you see fit: across departments, regions, etc. Other reports are available from the report section of the Dashboard.

Get started with AskNicely TV and Reports

Motivate your Team

Delivering an exceptional customer service experience to every single customer, every single time is hard. Customer experience is driven by your many frontline staff and the individual personal interactions they have with your customers. So, the question is, how do you focus and motivate them? Your Performance and Recognition software is built around the science showing that positive reinforcement leads to more effective long-term behavior change.

Personal Scorecard

Frontline staff will now have access to what their customers are saying about their experiences and are therefore empowered with information they might not have known before. At a glance, you can see your individual NPS and trend over time (A) with customer comments on the right panel of the screen. Your positive feedback badges (B) are awarded by your promoters, who can choose to give extra kudos when they are surveyed. Opportunities for improvement (C) are also visible, giving you the chance to start improving before a dreaded performance meeting with your boss.

Team Performance
Our 9-box coaching grid plots the average NPS score against the number of responses received so managers can make quick decisions about where the improvements are needed most. Change your filters (A) and compare performance across locations, for example. Drill down into the data by hovering and clicking the dots to see totals for scorecard results (B).

Interested in learning more about the newest tool to empower your teams? Email us at hello@asknice.ly and we'll connect you with the right person!

Work on the Go

Your frontline staff might be out in the field every day but they deserve to see the impact they have on customer experience too. Or maybe that computer software update and restart are eating up too much time. Our iOS and Android apps are great for the times when you and your team are not behind a computer at a desk.

Customer Feedback
Your feedback, current NPS score, and trends can all fit in your pocket now. From the app, you can respond to feedback using templates or by typing thoughtful responses.

You can also set up custom notifications.

Easy, Intuitive, Mobile.

Frontline Coaching
Motivate and empower your frontline staff with the world's first customer experience coaching platform on a mobile device.

Your new coaching app focuses and motivates your frontline staff by providing frequent, consistent, and timely feedback about the experiences they deliver from the customers they served.

See where you stand out, how you stack up against your peers, give shout outs and communicate with your team.

Find all sorts of resources in our Help Articles and if you have any further questions or support needs, you can reach us through the support tab or by emailing support@asknice.ly

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