Goal: Create an NPS calculation formula within a Salesforce Report to view the NPS score for your Accounts.

Prerequisites: Salesforce integration; Salesforce Admin rights.

Using calculation formulas in Salesforce

In this document we'll show you how to use Salesforce's incredibly powerful and flexible "calculation formulas" functionality to show view an Account level NPS score within a report.

1. Create a Salesforce Report
2. Adding a Summary Formula

1. Create a new Salesforce Report:

  • In Salesforce, click Reports > New Report > AskNicely Responses with Account
  • Adjust the filters and add any additional fields you wish to see here. (We'll stick with the defaults for this example.)

2. Add a Summary Formula:

  • Near the top of the Salesforce Report, move "Account: Account Name" to "Group Rows"
  • Then, click the drop down menu next to "Columns" and click "Add Summary Field"
  • Set the Column Name to: Account NPS Score
  • Formula Output Type: Number
  • Decimal Points: 1
  • Formula: (asknicely__NPS__c.asknicely__npscalc__c:SUM/RowCount)*100

Once you click Apply, you are set! Now anyone can view the NPS score by account.

If you have any questions, feel free to engage with the support function in the lower right of this screen or email support@asknice.ly

V 1.0.0

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