The standard HubSpot integration is a great way to get Smart List from HubSpot to AskNicely and survey accordingly. However at times it's very helpful to have a more immediate action take place based on an action/event/transaction happening within HubSpot. With that I bring you a way to send off email surveys from AskNicely while using HubSpot Workflows. 

Steps we'll cover today: 

  1. Activating Email to Survey functionality 
  2. Setting up a new user in HubSpot
  3. Setting up the HubSpot workflow and picking fields to send in the email body
  4. Having AskNicely update your Webhook
  5. Turn on the Workflow

Step #1: Activating Email to Survey functionality

  1. Inside of AskNicely, click the AppStore icon in the lower left (just above the cog wheel). 
  2. Click on Integrate
  3. Search for Email to Survey and click into it
  4. Click on Configure
  5. Click "Activate Email to Survey" button to obtain a special email. If the button is already clicked you will see a special email, i.e. 

Step #2: Setting up a new user in HubSpot

The reason we're setting up a new user in HubSpot is so we can send it as an Internal Email Notification, instead of an external email which will try to use your customer's email. 

  1. Inside of HubSpot, click on the cog wheel
  2. Scroll down and click on Users & Team
  3. Under Users > Create user
  4. Add the Email to Survey email address and click Next
  5. Permissions: These can be as restrictive as needed since you're only using it to send data out, we don't use it to send any data back to HubSpot. 
  6. Send the invite, nothing bad happens, so don't worry. 

Step #3: Setting up the HubSpot workflow and picking fields to send in the email body

  1. Inside of HubSpot, click on Automation and select Workflows
  2. Click on Create Workflow
  3. Starting from scratch for a Contact-based (I'm using this workflow as an example but you can use whatever you wish)
  4. Click Next and then Set enrollment triggers
  5. I'm picking Deal Properties > Deal Stage is equal to all of Closed Won (to send a survey when we've closed won a deal). Click Save

6. Click the + button for a new action > Send internal email notification
7. Choose User > Pick the new user created in Step #1
8. Subject: n/a
9. Body: At the very top you must put "Admin Only" - this prevents future issues
10. After that include at minimum Name, Email, Segment. You can add custom data fields under that, as you'll see with my additions of "city" and "Contact Owner". To the left of the colon is the AskNicely field name, to the right is the HubSpot token to auto populate the field

11. Click Save and we'll stop before we activate the workflow. 

Step #4: Having AskNicely update your Webhook

You can reach out to support in two ways: 

  1. Click on the chat/help icon in the lower right of this screen. 
  2. Email 

You'll have to tell them to "Update my Mailchimp webhook to include: &yamlafterkeyword=Admin%20Only&usehtmlpart=true" 

in order for this to function cleaner, otherwise we bring in custom CSS data and it's awful. 

Step #5: Turn on the workflow

Now that the webhook has been updated you can go back into HubSpot and turn on the Workflow!
I would suggest checking "No, only enroll contacts who meet the trigger criteria after turning the workflow on" for Existing Contacts. 


What happens if I don't update the Webhook with the AskNicely support team? Then your data will come in like this: 

Will this follow the Contact Rules I have set up? Yes, this will follow the rule that says "Wait at least xx days before contacting a person again with a new survey". It will NOT follow the "For newly added people, wait x days before sending any survey".

Version 1.0.0

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