Goal: Creating a new field in the AskNicely object of Salesforce, and match that new field to a data point in AskNicely.

Prerequisites: A fully set up AskNicely Salesforce integration; Admin rights in AskNicely and Salesforce.

This is a quick tutorial on how to add data points to the AskNicely Responses related list in Salesforce, allowing you to get your additional questions and other custom data from AskNicely back into Salesforce. 

1: Create a new field in the AskNicely Object of Salesforce. 

In this example, I have an additional 2 question that I'm asking as part of my survey. One for the general support CSAT and a comment for that CSAT score.
Here's how that is set up in my AskNicely account: 

The key thing to focus on is the labels, "support_csat" and "support_comment" - these are the fields we'll want to create in Salesforce. So let's get to it!

1. Add Data Field to Object Manager

First let's start off by making a field for the "support_csat" data field.

  1. Click Setup > Object Manager > AskNicely Response:
  2. Click on Fields and Relationships
  3. Click on "New" 
  4. Choose a "Text" field
  5. Under Field Label I wrote "support_csat" so it matches exactly, but you don't have to do that, just label something that makes sense for you and your team 
  6. Under Length you need enough space to have any wording, however since this will come over as a 1-5 score, I could just make this 1
  7. Set up field-level security so it matches the goals of your org. 
  8. Add to Page Layouts should already have AskNicely Layout selected, leave this checked, then save it. 

Now let's do this again for "support_comment": 

  1. Click on Fields and Relationships
  2. Click on "New"
  3. Field Type: I would pick Text Area or Text Area (long) since this is an open comment
  4. Field Label: support_comment
  5. Modify the "# Visible Lines" and "Length" however you please
  6. Set up field-level security so it matches the goals of your org. 
  7. Add to Page Layouts should already have AskNicely Layout selected, leave this checked, then save it. 

Wonderful, we're more than halfway there! Now that we have our two fields created in Salesforce, we can match them in AskNicely! 

2. Match your new Salesforce field to an AskNicely field

Open AskNicely and click App Store > Installed Apps > Salesforce.

Once we're on the Integration page, click the Configure tab, then the Updates tab. Scroll down to the Custom Field Updates section. This is where you will see any custom data points that you currently have matched up or available to match up.
Note: You must have a response with this custom data point on it for it to show up, so it's best to submit a test response with yourself so it will show up here. 

Match your Salesforce field with the AskNicely Field and hit "add". Repeat for all custom fields. You'll now have a full list of custom data fields pushing back to Salesforce!

3. Add AskNicely Responses to Contact, Account, Case or Lead Object

Fantastic. We've got all of these new fields... but how do we get them to show up on the AskNicely Response while it's on the Contact, Account, Case, or Lead Objects?

Glad you asked! You would go to the Object you wish to edit the layout in Salesforce. In this example we'll pick the Contact record: 

  1. Choose the Layout you want to edit & click into that Layout
  2. In the upper left sub-navigation menu, scroll down the list of options until you can click Related List.
  3. Drag and Drop the AskNicely Response Related List to where you want it to sit amongst your other data
  4. Click on the Wrench icon to see the list of fields you can include or exclude
  5. Select the options you want and click on Add. 

Note: you might have to zoom out (command & -) in order to see the "Ok" button in order to save. Then make sure you save the layout. 

There you have it! A step by step guide on how to add new custom fields from AskNicely into Salesforce so you can display additional questions, more comments, and any other data you want from AskNicely.

If you have any questions, please reach out by clicking on the Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right corer of this screen or emailing support@asknice.ly 

Version 1.0.0

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