If you need to view your invoices or make simple changes to your account, you can do so from within the settings page in your AskNicely account. 

This article will talk about a few items that can be found in the Account section of your Settings page. Note: These sections appear based on different factors in your account, and not all sections will display to all customers. If you have questions about billing, please contact billings@asknice.ly.

Finding Your Account Information

You can find your account information under the Settings page. 

  1. Click the Cog Wheel to open your Settings page
  2. Click Account to expand your account options

Account Subpages


Click Plan to view which plan you’re on, and to have the option to request a call to change to a new plan. 

Add-Ons (Not Visible on All Accounts)

For some accounts, you may see an option to view available add-ons and quickly purchase additional users. This page is not available for accounts with custom pricing or custom payment schedules. If you don’t see this link, don’t worry, just reach out to your primary account contact or support and they can help you out!


You can view all your past and current invoices under the Invoices section. 

Paid invoices will have the checkmark (a) beside them. Invoices and credit notes will be labeled under the Details column (b). You can download the invoice with the Download PDF button (c)

If your invoice is past due (which of course we know yours won’t be!) the text will all be red. If you see red, please get in touch with us to pay your outstanding balance. 

Credit Card

To add or update your credit card, click on the Credit Card link. 

If you already have a card on file, you’ll have the option to update or remove it. If not, your only option on this page will be to add one. 

If you don’t see the Credit Card section, and would like to add a credit card, contact Billing at billings@asknice.ly


We recognize that sometimes you’d just rather talk to a person when it comes to billing. If you have any questions about billing, please contact our Billing team at billings@asknice.ly.

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