If your CRM can send a simple email with custom data pulled in, you can use that email to bring a contact into AskNicely, and to trigger a survey to that person. This is useful if you don’t want to (or can’t) use our Email CSV Importer. For example, you might prefer this if you’re planning to send over contacts one at a time, or if the timing between contacts makes a CSV inconvenient. In any of those cases, Email to Survey is a great choice. 

Note that you’ll definitely need to be able to get your contact’s information into the email that gets sent to AskNicely. Unfortunately, since we aren’t pros on your CRM, this isn’t something we can tell you how to do. We know, we wish we could, too. 

Configuring the Email

For AskNicely to understand the data you’re sending, we’ll need the email body to be formatted in a very specific way. It’s not going to look like a normal email, but don’t worry; we’re not reading it, just our friendly robots. 

The To: Address

To import this contact into your AskNicely People, you’ll need to send it to a very specific address that can be found in your settings. 

  1. Click the Cog Wheel to go to the Settings Page
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Scroll down and click Email to Survey
  4. Click Activate Email to Survey to create the unique address
  5. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the address to your clipboard

Just paste that address into your email template and any contact you send to that address will be added into AskNicely. 

The Subject

The subject of the email has no effect on how AskNicely imports the data in your email. Because of this, you can use whatever subject you like. You can also leave the subject blank if you want. 

The Email Body

The body of the email will essentially be a list of data points you want to bring into AskNicely. Correct formatting is essential, with every data point being a separate line and being formatted as fieldname: value where fieldname is the name of the data point (for example: location, customer name, Account Owner, etc). 

For example:

name: Joe Thornton
email: Joet@hockeyexample.com
segment: Platinum

Would bring over those three data points and create a person entry on your People page that looks like:

We only brought over the name, email, and segment, so our data is very limited here. You can bring over any other data point you like and it will be added, the same as if you had used a CSV.

Note: Include only the data you wish to import into AskNicely in the body of the email. Any other information or text in the body of the email may be read as data and imported into AskNicely. This includes email signatures.

Arguments and Commands

Email to Survey allows for additional arguments in the body of the email that you can use to modify AskNicely’s behavior. These are formatted in the same argument: value format as the contact-specific data in the body of the email. 

Here are a few of those arguments:

addperson: true

Only adds the contact into your people list, but does not trigger a survey.

triggeremail: true

When this contact is received, it will trigger a survey immediately, overriding your contact rules. This is only recommended for testing, as multiple emails will trigger multiple surveys. 

delayminutes: x

Sets a number of minutes (replacing x) to delay the send of the survey email. This value does not apply to SMS surveys, which cannot be delayed.

Note: This delay is carried out by our email service, Mandrill. It’s not in AskNicely, so surveys sent with this delay will still be considered “Sent” by AskNicely, and can’t be changed or canceled. 

thendeactivate: true

Deactivates the contact after the survey is sent, making them ineligible for other surveys until reactivated (via another email or other contact import). 

If they’re not eligible for surveys due to global contact rules, they will simply be added/updated and deactivated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Email to Survey obey my global contact rules?

Email to Survey will only obey the contact rule that says Wait at least x days before contacting a person again with a new survey. It won’t obey the contact rule for newly added people. 

Why would I want to use the “thendeactivate” argument?

If you don’t use the thendeactivate argument, the contact will remain in your active People and may get chosen for surveys by a scheduler or survey blast. In some cases, we’ve found some customers don’t want this; for them we recommend using 

thendeactivate: true

Remember that deactivating a customer doesn’t delete them or prevent them from answering a survey you’ve already sent out; it only prevents them from being surveyed until they are reactivated. 

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions, please reach out to our awesome support team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right or by emailing support@asknice.ly

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