Goal: Set up Shopify events to either send contacts into AskNicely where they can then be surveyed with our Send Scheduler, OR send a "Transactional" survey automatically with a customizable delay.

Prerequisites: "Admin" rights in Shopify; deciding what Shopify event (Order Fulfillment? Refund Creation?) should send surveys.

Sending Surveys After Shopify Transactions

If you use Shopify for your online sales, AskNicely can help you survey your customers after specific events in their journey, like order fulfillment or refund creation. Our Shopify integration is an easy setup, and operates automatically once it’s configured. 

Setting Up the Integration

To set up your Shopify integration, you’ll need to log into your AskNicely account as an Admin and you’ll need to log in to your Shopify account. 

1. Navigate to "Create a Webhook" In your Shopify account:

  1. Click Settings in the bottom left of your screen
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Click Create a Webhook

Here you’ll need to pause and go to your AskNicely account. 

2. In AskNicely, Choose Your Webhook

  1. Click App Store (house icon near the bottom left).
  2. Click Integrate.
  3. Scroll down and click Shopify.

4. The Shopify integration page will contain the information you’ll need to put into your Shopify settings. Note the two very long webhook URLs - you will be putting one of these two links into Shopify. 

Choose one webhook or the other by clicking Copy to Clipboard. .

Recommended: The second option (b, above) will only add the customer to your AskNicely People List - it will not send surveys automatically. You can then use the Scheduler to send out surveys to these customers according to your preferences, which gives you a lot more control. You should choose this option when testing.

If you want have a "Delayed Send" on your survey: Choose (a, above) to send a survey 7 days after your trigger event. You can change the number of days delayed by changing the DELAYDAYS=7 at the end of the url to the number you’d prefer after you’ve pasted the URL in Shopify. Surveys triggered in this manner will respect your Global Contact Rules. Please Note: Regardless of the delay length, once a survey is triggered via this method it cannot be stopped or recalled. 

Once you’ve chosen a URL and clicked Copy to Clipboard, it’s time to return to Shopify.

3. Configuring Your Webhook

Return to Shopify to enter in the information you got from AskNicely.

  1. Choose the event that should send a survey. The most common in our experience is order fulfillment, but you may select any of the available trigger events from the dropdown. 
  2. Make sure the format is JSON
  3. Paste the webhook URL that you copied from the AskNicely integration page. If you chose the "Delayed Send" option, adjust the time delay by changing the number at the end of the URL (7 in the example above). 

Note: Check the end of line to make sure you have the correct webhook URL:

  • If the URL ends with “delaydays=”, you have selected the automatic trigger URL
  • If the URL ends with “addonly=true”, you have selected to add only, no trigger

4. Click Save webhook - once you have saved this webhook, it is live! If the event that you chose in Step 1 occurs, Shopify will send the contact to AskNicely - if you selected the "Delayed Send" webhook, it will also queue up the survey to be sent, and won’t be reversible. 

4. Testing Your New Webhook

  1. Find your new webhook to the right of the Create Webhook button. 
  2. Scroll all the way to the right. 
  3. Click Send test notification
  4. Shopify will send a sample “person” to AskNicely, which you can see by visiting your People Page. 

The information in the "Custom Data" column is set by Shopify and can’t be configured. However, as you can see, there’s a great deal of information that’s sent over.

One way to get creative with the data points available is to experiment with different "Tags" in Shopify - contact our Support Team for assistance if you wish to have more custom data.

Using Tags to Prevent People from Being Surveyed

You can prevent customers from being brought into AskNicely by specifying which Shopify tags should be excluded. To do this in AskNicely, click App Store > Integrate > Shopify and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Enter in any tags you’d like to exclude, and click Save.

Disabling the Integration

Disabling this integration must be done in Shopify. To disable your Shopify integration, follow the same path you used to create the Webhook:

  1. Click Settings in the bottom left of your screen
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Scroll all the way to the right

   4. Click the Trash Can

   5. Confirm you want to remove your webhook by clicking Remove.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our awesome support team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right of your screen, or by emailing support@asknice.ly.

Version 1.0.0

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