Goal: Set up a cadence of daily surveys to send to your customers

Prerequisites: Bring In Your People Data and Customize Your Survey.

The Send Scheduler

AskNicely’s Send Scheduler an automated, "set it and forget it!" method of sending surveys that gives you full control of when to send your Relational surveys to your customers.

You can have one Send Scheduler send surveys to all of your contacts, or create multiple Send Schedulers to either send different surveys at different times or laser-focus in on specific groups.

We will cover this topic in three sections:

  1. Anatomy of a Scheduler - overview of what 90% of our customers will use.
  2. Scheduler Rules - this demonstrates how to be more granular in your surveying.
  3. Special Cases - this relates to the Custom Template and Custom Scheduler dropdowns on the Send Scheduler.
  4. Going Live With Your Send Scheduler

1. Anatomy of a Scheduler

Let’s start by going over the parts of your scheduler.

1. To add your first Send Scheduler, navigate to the Send page and click the Add button next to Advanced Daily Scheduler. (You can add a second Send Scheduler later if you need to - scroll down to see it below your first scheduler.)

2. Each scheduler should have a unique and descriptive name. You can edit the name of a Scheduler by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the name (in this case, the name is "Default Scheduler.") 

3. In the top right, you will notice that the scheduler is "On.", The scheduler must be on in order to edit it, but don't worry - Send Scheduler changes (including turning it on) take effect at midnight local time. You can save changes and turn it back off at any time without triggering the scheduler. 

4. For the "Max Surveys for This Scheduler" field, this is where you set how many surveys you send per day. AskNicely will queue up to this number of surveys per day from the pool of people who meet both your Send Scheduler Rules (see next section) and your Global Contact Rules (set at the bottom of the Send page).

Put another way, it will only queue as many as are available per those rules.

5. Please skip over the "Custom Template" and "Custom Scheduler" dropdowns - these have very specific functions that are covered in the "Special Cases" section below.

6. The "Days and Time to Send" section allows you to choose which days of the week you want this scheduler to send surveys, and the time you want them to be sent. All times will be in the time zone indicated to the right.

7. Always remember to Save your changes! Or, if you don’t need this scheduler, click Delete.

2. Send Scheduler Rules

Any specific rules for choosing who gets surveyed by this schedule will be listed here. If there aren’t any rules specified, the scheduler will pull from all active people who meet your contact rules. We’ll talk about rules a little further down. 

Off the bat, the scheduler will send surveys according to your Global Contact Rules, but no additional rules will be set..

To limit this schedule to specific customer data points:

1. Click Add a rule. You will see these default values below

2. Click +And to add an "And" rule - it helps to make a sentence in your head here: "I want to survey the segment of "Onboarding" AND everyone that has the location of USA."

With the "+Or" rule, you can add an "Or" rule, but be careful! Everything before and after the "OR" will be grouped together separately . So if you do,

"Segment is general
Country is US
Country is EU"

It thinks you are saying "(Segment is general AND Country is US) OR Country is EU", when you are really trying to say, "(Segment is general AND Country is US) OR (Segment is general AND Country is EU)."

If this is confusing, please contact our Support Team!

3. Choose a data point you track in AskNicely by selecting it in the first dropdown.

4. Choose your operator from the middle dropdown:

5. Enter the value in the field to the right. (If you selected “is empty,” you won’t need to enter a value to the right.) Make sure the value you select exactly matches the value you want to use, including spaces.

.6. To add another condition, click +And. To broaden your selection, you can also add an OR condition by clicking +Or. To remove a rule, click the X to the right. As always, remember to save your changes by clicking Save Changes in the bottom right.

3. Special Cases

There are two dropdown fields on the Send Scheduler that we can utilize for "special cases."

"Custom Template Selector" dropdown

Note: In most cases, it is not necessary to use this field. This is only necessary if you want to send a Survey to a group that cannot be matched with your "Trigger Field", set on the Manage Templates page. (Contact Support for help with this.)

If you do use this dropdown, it will allow you to override the normal survey template assignment and send a specific template to everyone on this scheduler, regardless of what template they would normally receive. 

Custom Contact Rules

The default is that every Send Scheduler will obey your Global Contact Rules at the bottom of the Send page.

However, there may be occasions where you will want to have custom rules for a specific Send Scheduler. Select Custom Rules from the dropdown to override your Global Contact Rules and set a different length of time to wait between sending surveys. 

4. Going Live With Your Send Scheduler

If the Send Scheduler is off, no surveys will be sent. AskNicely will keep your scheduler; it just won’t run it. Once a scheduler is turned on, at midnight local time, the Send Scheduler will queue up the amount of people you want to survey per day for the next day you have selected to send surveys. (Default is Monday-Friday.)

If you’re not ready to queue up and send surveys yet, make sure to turn off the scheduler once you’ve changed your surveys. When you are ready, turn on your scheduler, click the "Go Live" banner and follow the prompt, and you're off! 🚀

Still Have Questions?

This is a simple-looking tool with the capability to build in incredible flexibility. If you have any additional questions about your Advanced Scheduler, please reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right. 

Version 1.0.0

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