Goal: Send Sendoso electronic gifts directly from AskNicely.

Prerequisites: A Sendoso account.

1. Connect the Integration: 

It's very simple to activate the Sendoso Integration: 

  1. Click App Store > Integrate > Sendoso
  2. Click on the "Set Up" button

We will then need to go over to the Responses page in AskNicely to initialize your Sendoso account. 

2. How to send an e-voucher or e-gift:

Once the first step is done, you will see the Sendoso logo when you click Reply button on a response and look at the bottom of your email reply window: 

  1. Once you click there you will be prompted to log in: 

2. Select which gift you'd like to give: 

3. Pick how you want to deliver it: 

Note: While all three formats technically work, the only one that will show up in AskNicely is the "Generate eGift links to download" option. 

4. Select the Dollar amount and click on Generate and Download: 

5. Copy the URL and paste it into your message: 

Success! To know for certain that the customer has viewed the message, look for the small "eyes" emoji at the bottom of your sent message. 

Happy e-gifting -if you have any questions, feel free to reach out by clicking on the Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right hand of this screen to speak with our amazing Support Team.

Version 1.0.0

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