If you are using Zoho CRM you can easily sync your contacts to AskNicely using their Reports tools.

The 3 things we will be using.

  1. A Zoho Report with all your active contacts for you business (you will need to create this, we recommend active contacts vs leas or other types of contacts)
  2. Zoho Report Scheduler (Zoho Professional +), we will use this to email our report daily as a CSV. 
  3. AskNicely - Emailed CSV Importer. This will create a special email address we can use to import the Zoho Report and process it correctly. 


Can I have more than one Zoho Report that I send?
Yes, you will need to repeat the steps above for each report. 

Can I email all the contacts in the report immediately?
Yes, you will need to configure the "AskNicely Emailed CSV importer" to email the contacts found in the report.  AskNicely will obey you contacts rules found at the bottom of the "Send" page in AskNicely. 

Will the survey responses sync back into Zoho?
Maybe, but it could be possible to use the 'email parser' in Zoho to create a basic workflow for data coming back via email. You can find this via Settings > Channels > Email Parser. It will require you setting up certain fields to capture the NPS score + comment.  (In AskNicely you will need to create a email workflow to send this data to Zoho).

Version 1.0.0

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