Can I use the Calendly Integration in SMS workflows? 

Calendly links aren’t usable in SMS Workflows, but you can send a Reply Template containing Calendly Links to an SMS customer. 

Can I include multiple Calendly links in a single workflow? 

No, you can only use one in a workflow. All Calendly links included in a workflow will convert to the most recent Calendly link entered. 

What about multiple Calendly Links in a single Reply Template?

You can use all three varieties of Calendly call field in a Reply Template. That means you can use {calendly_link}, {user_calendly_link}, and {custom_calendly_link} one time each within a single template. However, if you try to include {custom_calendly_link} (for example) more than once with different URLs, it won’t work; they will all be the last URL you included in that section. 

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Version 1.0.0

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