Save yourself time by creating templates that include your Calendly link in them. When replying to a customer, you can use the template, make any relevant changes, and send the email. No need to compose it by hand!

Once you've opened a response from a customer:

  1. Click Reply Template to view your templates
  2. Click Calendly to use the AskNicely Default (displayed in the above screen shot) OR
    Click New Template to make your own. Here’s an example:
  • Name (a): The name of the template
  • Subject (b): The subject of the email the template will create
  • Body (c): The body of the email. You can personalize this with custom data fields, including calendly links. We recommend using user-specific data fields so the email will remain personalized to each user when created.

There are a few different Calendly options: 

  • {calendly_link}: This is the default, which is the URL used to connect the main Calendly integration
  • {user_calendly_link}: The specific URL for that specific user in AskNicely
  • {calendly_custom_link}: This would be if you included a specific link in the open boxes above where you see {calendly_custom_link}. Which allows you to increase the customization of the message and Calendly link. 

If you have an email template you’ll be sending frequently, consider automating it with a Calendly Workflow.

If you have any additional questions, check out our Calendly Integration FAQ, or click the chat button in the bottom right of this window. 

Version 1.0.0

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