We encourage you to provide as much visibility to your team as possible by adding them as AskNicely users. To help speed up this process, we have streamlined the user creation process by allowing you to bulk upload a CSV of your team.

Information needed in the CSV: 

  • Name (as "First Last" or "Last, First") 
  • Email
  • Role (Defaults are: Admin, User, Read-Only User)
  • User level filter (OPTIONAL: this is only if you have locked filters on your account)

Formatting the CSV: 

The three required fields are Name, Email, and Role. The CSV above is set up with one of each of our default roles, "Admin", "User", and "Read Only." 


Once the CSV has been prepared, log into AskNicely to upload these new users. 

  1. Click Settings (cog wheel in the bottom left corner)
  2. Click the User drop down
  3. Click Users to see current user list and the importer button
  4. Click Import CSV button in the upper right

This will open up the User CSV Upload.

The first task is to drag and drop your file into AskNicely: 

Match up the appropriate data points, confirm the matches and then run the CSV importer: 

Once the importer runs, an email invitation to activate User accounts will be sent to each email address you've uploaded. You'll then see the users added to your AskNicely account: 


What if I misspell or incorrectly type a user role? 

A user will not be added if they do not match a user role that exist on the account, so double check your roles! 

What about invalid emails? 

Users with an invalid or incorrectly formatted email cannot be imported. 

What if there are more users on my CSV than available on my account? 

Once you hit your user limit, the import will stop. 

What if I accidentally add the same user twice with different user roles? 

The last user role that was listed in that upload is the one that will be kept in the system. 

I want to update my users and their roles - can I do that by uploading a CSV with updated roles? 

The uploader will only add new users; it will not update/modify currently existing users. 

Advanced User Roles and Permissions FAQ: 

What if I have locked filters and accidentally misspell one of the filters?

User data points are assigned as written, so they will be assigned this misspelled data point, which means they won't see anything on their dashboard. Spelling is very important and the data needs to match exactly

What if I didn't specify what filter a user should have with my locked filters?

Users without a filter specified will be able to see ALL data in AskNicely, because they were not restricted to a specific data point. 

Each of my users have multiple data points for locked filters; am I able to upload more than one data point for each user? 

Currently this is not available. If a user is supposed to have more than one data point in a filter, add the first one with this CSV import, then manually add more data points by clicking Edit User next to their name/email. 

If you have any additional questions, please let us know by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right of this window. 

Version 1.1.0

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