In our article about the Responses Page, we talked about what you could see and do just from the Responses Page. Here, we’ll talk about what you can do when you dive into a response and open up our chat response window. 

IMPORTANT: This article concerns our newly updated Response Chat Window. If your Response window looks different than this, contact support and we will push the update to your account.

This window provides you a one-stop control center where you can see important information about the responding customer, trigger workflows, send emails by hand or using templates, or even use internal notes to loop in other members of your team. When you need to close the loop in a more hands-on manner than an automated workflow, this is where you’ll do it. 

Note: The conversations that you have here will also be visible in the AskNicely Mobile App and vice versa.


The Response Chat Window

  1. Main chat area
  2. Quick Access Panel: Workflows, Templates, and Custom Data

The Response Chat window is divided into two main sections, the chat area (a) and the quick access panel on the right (b). 

Main Chat

In the Main Chat area, you’ll be able to see the whole communication history with this customer, beginning with their comment on your survey. If you’re using Conversations, the answers to the questions they were asked will appear here as well. Chat bubbles on the left represent messages from your customer, while bubbles on the right are communications from your company. The bubbles will also be color coded: Blue bubbles are outgoing emails, while yellow bubbles are internal notes. 

You’ll be able to send emails or internal notes at the bottom of this section. If neither display is open, you’ll see the buttons for each. If you are writing an email or note and want to switch to the other, click Close to get to the buttons for both. 

Note: When you are typing an internal note, the background will be yellow. If the background isn’t yellow, you’re sending an email to the customer! Be sure you’re sending the right thing to the right person before you hit Send!


When composing an email reply, you can modify the from name and the subject, and we do recommend that you modify the subject to something a little more personal than the default. 

You can also use the toggle in the upper right to opt to have replies also sent to the email address associated with your AskNicely user login. You can reply to these emails and the replies will be tracked in AskNicely for you!

Once you’ve sent your email, if you realize you’ve made an error, you’ll have a short time to click the Undo button that appears under the chat bubble for the message you just sent. You won’t have long, though, so it’s still best to proofread before you send.


You can set an internal note (the bubble in yellow) as part of a chat. These are visible only to other AskNicely users, and won’t be sent to the customer. You can also tag teammates in the note so they are notified and added to the conversation. You can tag your teammates by typing “@” followed by their name. 

Quick Access Panel (b)

This panel contains resources for you to quickly view data and reply to customers. You can quickly view and trigger workflows and reply templates, and get a look at the custom data for this customer.

At the very top, you’ll see this customer’s rating from their survey, as well as their name and email. Below that, you’ll have the option to open or close a case, if you are using Case Management. You’ll also see the option to be notified for new messages or actions on this reply. 


From the Workflow menu, you can see all your Workflows. Clicking on one will trigger it to run for this customer’s response. If you try to run a workflow that is set to run automatically, and this response doesn’t meet the auto-run criteria, you’ll receive a confirmation message to that request. 


Under Reply Template, you can see your saved email templates, and can add them to the current email by clicking the template name. Note that this won’t automatically send your email, and you can still edit before sending. 

You can also create a new email template by clicking +New Template.

Note: While custom data call fields won’t work in a regular email, they can be inserted into a template. When you click the template name to populate the email, AskNicely will replace your call fields with the appropriate data or fallbacks!


The Custom Data pane will give you an insight into the custom data for this customer, to give you quick insight into relevant data. It will also show you any workflows that have been triggered on this response. You can click any of the data points to copy their text or click the lightning bolt to copy the workflow text. 

More Information

Using this chat interface to close the loop with your customers allows you to keep all your notes and all your communication in one place, visible from both your mobile app and the AskNicely platform. You can configure notifications on both, and make sure you’re acting quickly to create the outstanding customer experience that defines world-class businesses. 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner to send a message to our awesome Support team. 

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