Goal: send a one-time batch to a specific group of people by importing them in a CSV OR send one-time batch of surveys to a random sampling of your People.

Prerequisites: If you need to have Multiple Survey Templates for your different "audiences, these need to be set up first.

Send a one-time batch to a specific group of people by importing them via CSV

You can send a batch of emails to a specific group of people by importing a spreadsheet saved in the .csv format of the people you want to email, then sending them all in one "flow." Here's how to do this:

  1. Prepare your CSV of your customers. If you have a multiple survey templates, you'll want to make sure you include the "Trigger" field that is set up on your Survey Templates > Manage Templates page to tell AskNicely which survey people should receive.
  2. Click People > Import People > Import from CSV.
  3. Drag your File into AskNIcely.
  4. Match columns accordingly: make sure you select the correct "Name" fields, whether it's "First Last", "Last, First", or "First" and "Last" separately. Click Confirm Matches.
  5. Confirm your fields are correct and click "Run CSV Importer."
  6. The next page will show how many people you imported on this CSV. At the bottom of the page, there is a small checkbox that says, "and configure a blast to all contacts in this CSV (on next page)." Click this checkbox. (If you don't click it, it will just import the People in your CSV as usual and no surveys will be sent.)
  7. There is also a dropdown just above this checkbox that has three options: "Deactivate the people not found in this CSV that are in AskNicely; "Deactivate the people in this CSV"; and "Keep Everyone." Deactivating people means that they will still be in AskNicely, but they won't be eligible to receive a survey. If you don't know what to choose, choose "Keep Everyone."
  8. On the next page, it will show you how many people from your CSV are eligible to be surveyed based on your default "Global Contact Rule." You can override your Global Contact Rule by changing the number in the "last X days" field.
  9. A note: you cannot choose which Survey Template you want to choose! So if you have multiple templates but didn't specify your trigger field in the CSV import (step 1), everyone will just receive the "Default" survey.
  10. Click "Add Contacts to Queue"
  11. Click "Survey Everyone in the Queue Now" to send surveys... now!

Nice work! You can do this whenever you want, with any type of AskNicely set up. Please reach out if you have questions.

Send one-time batch of surveys to a random group of People

Down at the bottom of the Send Screen, you have an option to Send a Survey Blast - this just means that you can send a bulk number of surveys straight away. Click Configure Blast to set this up.

Just enter in the number of emails you want to send and click the Go button. This will look at your customer list and send these based on how many people in your list reach the "Contact Rules criteria". 

Tips & Reminders

It can sometimes be good to send a bulk amount of surveys out, but keep in mind these work best when you have time to read and reply to your customers responses. When your customers feel you are listening, they're more likely to continue sharing their feedback with you, and the best way to show you are listening is to write back or set up a Workflow to automate your responses.

We also recommend setting up a send scheduler so that you are getting a regular flow of feedback, rather than in short blasts. Many customers initially add their customers via the "Send a one-time batch to a specific group of people by importing them via CSV" process above, then have an ongoing Survey Scheduler so they can stay in touch with their customers.

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